How to Reach Out to Your Prospects by Email

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Email is an effective and acceptable way to reach out to prospects

The idea is pretty simple and is based on the premise that you’ve already built some kind of relationship with your prospect. This is someone that you know and hope would be a dependable team member for your opportunity or business.

You’ll start by reaching out to them by email. Now, you need to have some reason for reaching out in the first place. Do they fit the persona of a great team member for your business? Are they approachable? You need to have your reason top of mind when you make your connection.

To begin your email, you need to tell your prospect why you are reaching out to them, and why you feel they would be a good fit. This should be easy enough, however, bear in mind that not everyone that you know is going to be a good fit to join your business.

Then you’re going to provide your prospect with the insight they need to know to make an informed decision about partnering with you. This type of email doesn't need to be any more than about 300-400 words, but it must feature a minimum of three calls-to-action that all amount to the same outcome - namely, to click a link, to call you back, or whatever action you’d like them to take.

For example, ask them to click on just one particular page of your website, but ask at least 3 times (in different ways if you need).


Because it’s simply too confusing if you ask them to visit other pages. Similarly, you might ask your warm prospect to call a 1-800 number. Whatever action you want them to take, make it a single, simple action - and ask them 3 separate times to please do it.

Ok, so you’ve been quite clear and upfront with your prospect about what you want them to do: i.e. learn about your website or opportunity. You’ve made 3 calls to action in your own words.

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Once your warm prospect has completed the one action you’ve asked of them, you need to follow up with an Informational email. This email must only be information.

This can be a newsletter you create, your business newsletter (most network marketing companies have one of these), an informational video, or just a matter-of-fact email you write that outlines your business opportunity.

This isn’t where you ask your prospect to join you. You want them to make a proper informed decision, and here in your follow-up email(s) be sure to take a bit of time and space going over your business’s model, philosophy, and future outlook.

Once you’ve sent these emails, you may want to set up a friendly face-to-face meeting and discuss their joining your business with you.

For a more indepth look at email prospecting, you’ll want to check out this blog post from HubSpot: 8 Effective Sales Prospecting Email Templates to Start Using


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