7 Ways to Overcome Resistance and Achieve More In Your Business

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Self-sabotage is probably the number one reason most people fail to achieve their goals 

You are familiar with resistance. It reveals itself each time you think about doing something new or perhaps something you do not wish to do. It is that apprehensive feeling that hits you in your stomach or chest. Successfully handling resistance is necessary if you'd ever like to achieve great things. Those that provide in to resistance are the very same people who are also inclined to struggle with a lazy lifestyle.

Resistance strikes when you consider going to the gym for example, or focusing on a report for work, calling the in laws, or perhaps even mowing your grass. Resistance is that heavy dragging feeling that leads to procrastination.

Here are seven ways you can learn to overcome resistance and get things done:

1. Know that it is just a feeling in your body. Your mind has the distinct ability of dissuading you from doing things it thinks are somehow deadly or painful on some level. Nevertheless, resistance is actually nothing far more than an uncomfortable, unstable feeling that you can push away or fight through.
  • You can teach yourself to cope with this uncomfortable sensation, and prevent it derailing your plans. This unstable/uncomfortable feeling of procrastination is a lot less intense than suffering through a typical cold, and I know you have done that with success many times.
2. Pay attention to it. Among the best ways to reduce the impact of resistance is usually to take a look at it objectively, as if you were a scientist. You may possibly think to yourself, "Hmm, is not that interesting? I was just contemplating going for a run, and now all of the sudden I'm getting a small unsettled feeling high up in my stomach."
  • Continue to notice and something interesting will occur. Those negative feelings will begin to disperse.
3. Keep yourself from running away. A common response is usually to try and unhinge or distract yourself. Based on your habits, you may switch on the television, scroll through Instagram, text a friend, or perhaps just mindlessly eat a cookie. This might seem like a smart idea, but your just making things worse by doing this. Instead, let this discomfort hang onto you for a while until it weakens and goes away. If you run away, or do something similar to running away, this action only reinforces the pattern of allow resistance to quit for you.

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4. Remove some distractions. Nevertheless, do not let the means of removing distractions turn into a distraction in itself. If you are not careful, you will find yourself motivated to thoroughly clean the whole house when all that you needed to do was just put your phone away and clean off the table.

5. Focus on your breath. Concentrating on your breath is going to shut down any over-thinking. You cannot think about how much you do not wish to go for supper at the in laws if you are preoccupied your current breathing.

6. Remind yourself why your goal is important. What's your intention in getting it realized? A healthier body? Increased income? An attractive yard that will not offend the neighbors? When you have a good reason to accomplish your goal you'll be a lot more motivated.

7. Acknowledge that the first step is the most challenging. Stay away from thinking about sitting at your desk and focussing on a report in the following few hours. Rather, consider sitting down in front of the computer with a cup of java and typing just the very first word. If you're headed for the gym, think about the initial task of simply putting on your workout clothing.
  • Do anything to take that first step. You will find that you quickly build momentum so that what follows is natural and easy. You'll ordinarily find yourself enjoyably amazed by just how simple the job was to do as soon as you got going.
Everyone works with resistance on a daily basis. It is a part of the human problem. We naturally stay away from those things which our minds tell us are painful or unrewarding.

Nevertheless, your success will remain restricted by how much you allow resistance and procrastination to rule your decisions. Use these simple methods as often as you need to, and you will overcome resistance, procrastination, and be in total charge of your life once again.


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